4 Ways To Treat Your Bunions Without Surgery

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Bunions can make walking around really painful. If you are experiencing bunions on your feet, there are options you can try before you have surgery to remove and deal with your bunions. Here are a few non-surgical ways to deal with your bunions:

#1 Keep Your Weight In Check

First, focus on maintaining your weight. If you are overweight, that can put additional stress on your feet, and cause your bunions to hurt you more and to get worse. Being overweight is one of the contributing factors towards the development of bunions.

Although you can't lose weight overnight, working with your doctor to develop a weight loss plan is an important step to take if you want to deal with your bunions without surgery. Even if you do end up having to have surgery on your bunions, losing weight will help you with the recovery process and will help prevent the development of further bunions. 

#2 Soak Your Feet

When you have bunions, it is important to pamper your feet. Purchase a foot bath for your feet, and soak your feet in it every night. If you can, invest in a foot bath with a whirlpool; that will provide your feet with some added relaxation. When you soak your feet, use warm or hot water for the best results. You can also add things like Epsom salt to your bath to ease the pain that you feel on your feet. 

#3 Ice Your Feet

It is also a good idea to ice your feet as well. Keep some ice packs at work with you. if you can, during your breaks, put the ice packs on your feet and take your shoes off. This will help relieve some of the pain from your bunions. Use the ice packs at home as well. Ice your feet a couple of times a day will help the bunions recede at a more natural rate. 

#4 Get A Massage

Your feet are going through a lot if you have bunions. Help relieve the pain through massage. There are lots of massage therapists that specifically offer foot massages. Find one that specializes in massaging individuals who have bunions. An experienced massage therapist can help relieve your pain. If possible, enjoy a foot massage at least once a week. It is also a good idea to learn a few self-massage techniques as well to help relieve the pain you feel in your foot.

Talk to your doctor about ways to treat your bunions without surgery, and make sure you involve your doctor in the monitoring and treatment process. Contact a medical office like High Desert Foot & Ankle Clinic - Wonsik Y Bollmann DPM for more information and assistance.