Considering Cryotherapy For Your Muscle Injury? Here Are 4 Commonly Asked Questions

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If you've suffered a muscle injury, then you're most likely hoping that you'll be back in action as quickly as possible. The rest that's required to repair muscle injuries can feel tedious and disruptive to your regular daily routines, particularly if you're normally an active an athletic person.

To help speed up the healing process, many people are turning to cryotherapy to help with their muscle injuries. Cryotherapy clinics have become a fixture in locations all across the country and are being touted for their healing, anti-inflammatory, and immune boosting properties. If you're curious about trying cryotherapy for the first time, then here are four of the most commonly asked questions.

1. What does it involve?

Cryotherapy takes place in a specialized chamber which is filled with ultra cooled air. The air is cooled to temperatures as low as -240 degrees Fahrenheit using liquid nitrogen. The therapy involves simply standing in the cooled chamber for a few minutes.

2. Is it uncomfortable?

There is no question that the low temperatures you'll experience in the cryo-chamber will feel quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, the short duration you'll be exposed to these low temperatures makes it bearable for almost everyone who uses cryotherapy and won't be painful. In fact, many users find the short exposure to extreme cold to be mentally refreshing and physically rejuvenating.

3. Is there any special preparation required?

One of the appeals of cryotherapy is how simple and quick the sessions are. You don't need to complete any special preparation and you can walk into a session during your lunch break at work. You'll need to strip down to your underwear in order to expose as much skin as possible to the supercooled air, but you won't even need to shower prior to your session.

4. What aftercare is involved?

Another benefit of cryotherapy is that there is no after treatment care required. Once your session is completed, you'll only need to get dressed before you can continue on with your regular daily schedule. Because cryotherapy is based on cold temperatures, you won't feel sweaty or in need of a shower and there are no residual topical products to leave you feeling sticky.

If you'd like to try cryotherapy to help with your muscle injury, then contact your local cryotherapy center to book your first session. You may need to complete several sessions to get the most healing benefits from cryotherapy.