Four Things To Look For In An Adult Care Doctor

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When searching for a doctor, there are different things you should be looking for, depending on the type of doctor you need. For instance, if you are looking for a pediatrician, you would want someone who has a warm and welcoming demeanor. But what do you look for in an adult care doctor — someone who will be your own general physician? Here are four qualities of a good adult care doctor.

A Responsive and Responsible Office Staff

A doctor could be the best in the world, but if his or her office staff are lousy, you won't get the care you need. As you call around to different doctor's offices to see who has openings for new patients, pay close attention to how the office staff handles your call. Do they answer all of your questions fully? If you leave a message, do they get back to you in a timely manner? Do they talk to you with respect and care? If the office staff leaves something to be desired, move on to another doctor.

Willingness to Answer Questions

As an adult, you are bound to go through some changes in your health and wellness over the coming years. When these changes happen, you want to be able to ask your doctor about them and receive honest feedback. So, make sure the doctor you're considering using is willing and able to answer questions. If you understand his or her answers and feel that the two of you communicate well, this is a good sign of things to come.

Attention to Detail

A doctor who rushes through your appointment and seems distracted may just be having a bad day, or this could just be their general demeanor. You are better off choosing a doctor who pays attention to details than one who rushes. The detail-oriented doctor is less likely to accidentally overlook minor health problems that could turn more serious — which is a common occurrence as you age. 

Association With Specialists

Chances are that at some point in your adult life, you will need to seek treatment from a specialist. If a general physician is located in a larger practice with some specialists, you'll have an easier time getting a prompt referral to those specialists. This is not to say a doctor in an independent office is not a good choice. But if you go this route, be sure to ask the independent doctor which specialists he or she generally interacts with.

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