Compelling Reasons To Consider Infusion Therapy For Arthritis Relief

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Rheumatoid arthritis brings your daily routine to a halt. The pain from this condition makes everyday tasks like cooking, showering, and even getting out of bed difficult or impossible. You  might find it challenging to move and may be desperate to find relief from the debilitating pain and stiffness. Rather than receive injections or take oral medications, you could get faster relief with infused treatments. These following are a couple reasons to consider infusion therapy for your arthritis.

Avoiding Painful Daily Injections

Injections are one of the most commonly prescribed treatments for rheumatoid arthritis. However, the injections can be painful and distressing. They cause your muscles and tissues to bruise and become sore. 

Further, you may not have the stomach to give yourself daily injections. You also may not want to bother your loved ones or have to hire a nurse just for this purpose. Instead of taking daily injections of your arthritis medications, you can instead opt for infusion therapy.

Infusion for arthritis introduces the medications directly into your bloodstream. You begin to feel relief from the pain and stiffness within minutes. Further, the relief that you experience lasts longer than that found with injected medications.

You may get a respite from your arthritis that lasts days rather than hours. You may only need to receive infusion therapy once every few weeks instead of daily as you would with injected medications.

Variety of Medications

Infusion therapy for arthritis is available with a number of medications. Your doctor has the option of using it with medications like abatacept or infliximab, for example. It can also be used to administer medications like rituximab or tocilizumab. 

This variety of medications gives your doctor the leeway to choose one that best treats your arthritis-related pain and stiffness. You avoid being restricted to medications that must be taken orally or those that must be injected. You may get fuller pain relief because of the range of medications that can be infused rather than injected or taken orally. 

These are some reasons to consider undergoing infusion therapy for your arthritis. You avoid having to give yourself painful and distressing daily injections of medications. You also get longer-lasting relief from arthritis symptoms like pain and stiffness. The infusion therapy likewise offers the versatility to be used with a variety of medications. Your doctor can infuse one that best treats your symptoms. Contact a medical facility like the Idaho Arthritis Center to learn more.