Medications Can Help Treat Eating Disorders

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Many people experience eating disorders — some of those people are those you may not expect. If you are among those who are impacted by an eating disorder, you may wonder how treatment works. You may wonder how medication could become involved in the process.

These are some of the medications that are used as part of eating disorder medical treatment.


Sometimes, eating disorders are paired with mental health conditions like depression. In cases like these, professionals may address the overarching issue, depression, to treat the entire person. They may use a variety of treatments alongside it, including counseling, to see if the antidepressants help with the bigger picture. It may also be able to address any binge-purge patterns.

Birth Control

While many people worry that birth control will lead to weight gain, any potential weight gain is minimal. Rather, birth control may be used to kickstart menstruation, which often ceases due to low weight. Additionally, birth control can be helpful to address nutrition-related issues like bone weakness. While it is not as commonly used today as in the past, it may be a consideration by your doctor.


Certain stimulants, like those used to treat ADHD, may be used to address binge eating. Binge eating can be helped in some ways by suppressing the appetite, which these medications are often able to do. If a patient has a binge eating disorder in which they have gained a lot of weight, this can be beneficial for helping somebody lose weight and avoid cravings.

Nothing Beats Food

The goal of eating disorder treatment is to promote a healthy, balanced diet. While you will see a variety of medications listed here, doctors and other professionals won't substitute medications for healthy meals that add balanced nutrition and healthy weight to the patient's frame.

A multivitamin may also be part of the treatment plan, ensuring that the patient receives crucial minerals and other nutrients. While this is not generally ideal, the goal is for the treatment is to help the patient eat balanced meals to get their nutrition.

Treatment Is Available

There are many ways to treat eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia. It is important that you understand the different treatment options available to you, but you should consult with a medical professional. A professional can help you make a healthy decision for your future, and it may involve medication, counseling, and other forms of treatment. For more information, contact an eating disorder treatment clinic.