How A Knee Replacement Can Help Improve Your Life

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If you have chronic knee pain, or other knee problems, your doctor may advise you to schedule knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement is often used as a final alternative when other treatments have failed. After you've undergone your knee replacement procedure, you'll likely notice many improvements in your life.

What is a Knee Replacement?

A knee replacement is an artificial joint – consisting of metal, plastic and screws – that is surgically implanted between the femur and tibia bones to act as a new knee in place of your real knee that has sustained severe damage or the effects of disease. Knee replacement surgery is often used to treat people who suffer from:

Pain Relief

One of the main reasons why people have knee replacements is to relieve persistent pain that interferes with everyday life. The parts of your existing knee that are causing you the most pain can be removed and replaced when your new synthetic knee is implanted. After you've recovered from your surgery, you likely won't notice any more knee pain that makes functioning in your daily life difficult or keeps you up at night. 

Enhanced Mobility

Knee problems can make walking and other movements much more difficult. If your knee isn't able to bend and straighten properly because of persistent pain or stiffness, a knee replacement can relieve you of these problems and make freer movement possible again. The improved mobility that you experience after you've had your knee replaced can be especially helpful if you plan to engage in athletic activities.

High Success Rate

Knee replacement surgery has one of the highest success rates among surgical procedures. Studies have shown that more than 90% of knee implants still perform well after 15 years of receiving them. The relief from pain, stiffness and other knee issues that you experience after having knee replacement surgery may even last you a lifetime.

Decreases Other Health Risks

Your new knee can even help safeguard you against other injuries and health problems. The knee implant should make exercising much easier, which can also help you combat obesity that often leads to cardiovascular problems and diabetes. Your new knee will additionally provide extra stability for your body and may prevent injuries that you could sustain from falling.

A knee replacement may be your best alternative if you haven't found relief from your chronic knee problems with more conservative treatment methods. Your doctor can explain more details about the benefits of having knee replacement surgery and help you make the best decisions on how to proceed with your care.

For more information, contact a doctor who offers knee replacements.